Star Wars - Force and Destiny

Force and Destiny - Night 1

Finding K'Coo Coo

On their way to a refuelling station, our heroes happened upon a distress signal from the Silver Star.

Responding to the distress call, they found themselves in a trap by a group of bounty hunters.

The group quickly split into two groups, one making their way to the cockpit and the other to the back of the shop.

After taking some big hits, 3V turned off life support on the ship and almost everyone passed out.

On the bounty hunters ship, our group found a new friend, a Sathari, who was kidnapped by the bounty hunters and a holocron of jedi knight Suljo Warde.

3V was able to steal the bounty hunters ship and the group sold it and their shuttle for a more powerful and spacious YT-1300 freighter.


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